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15 Cheers For ‘11

2011 is mainly another year
To try and create a lot of joy and cheer
Its just the begining make the best of it kid
When Nike says “Just do it” be able to say “I did”
The first cheer is for getting me through
2010 when I did know what to do
The second cheer is for the lacking care
That I don’t want to happen in this new year
The third cheer is for that spear
That I will stab through all my fear
The fourth cheer is for all my faith
That my sucess wont be in eighth(place)
The fitfh cheer is for dispear
From all those perfect girls with the shape of a pear
The sixth cheer is for new life
To leave all the old drama like a divorce to a wife
The seventh cheer is for pride
That I can take over and go on my own ride
The eighth cheer is to all those who will hurt me
Because I’ll learn to forgive and live healthy
The ninth one is to my mind
For always staying on a different grind
The tenth is to my goals
That in 11 ill feel empty holes
The eleventh is to confusion
For always allowing me to win
The twelfth is to ugliness
I’m trying to have less and less
Of it in me
The thirteenth is for love
To hurt like a bitch but be as beautiful as a dove
The fourteenth is for truth
Because lying hurts like a pulled tooth
The fifteenth is for ‘96
For throwing me into the worlds mix

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